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Private lessons are perfect for anyone who wants one-on-one instruction with their favorite instructor or who has specific goals they want to achieve. Whether you would like to find your best rowing stroke, have a specific fitness goal or even want to learn how to teach rowing, the instructors at RoBox Fitness are here to help guide you! Our certified instructors are available by appointment for private and semi private lessons for any of the class formats we teach.

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Group fitness classes offer the opportunity to experience movement in positive, memorable, and purposeful ways, inspiring meaningful change both physically and mentally.
You will benefit from expert guidance from certified instructors, have a greater sense of accountability that enables you to plan your day around your workout and come together in one inclusive experience to move with passion and intention, all without judgement or expectation.

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Certified row education helps customers who are often dissatisfied with their rowing experience because they consider it a tedious task and can injure themselves without proper technique. Professional instruction can improve their perception of rowing and can create safe learning environments for you, staff, customers and colleagues.

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RoBox Fitness is passionate about fitness and community. We create classes, programs, workshops, and events that are safe, supportive, and fit the needs of our customers.
Brock geeft trainingen waar je moe maar blij en fit van wordt! Gevarieerd, met mogelijkheden voor elke deelnemer, jong of oud, beginner of topfit, je gaat met een voldaan gevoel naar huis. Samen op de ergometer; ieder naar vermogen en ervaring. Het is gezond maar vooral ook gezellig en inspirerend: wanneer mag ik weer?
Leonie van de Pol
RV Breda
When I first started rowing in your classes, I was pulling 2:05 split times during my crossfit WOD (4 x 500 sprints). Last week, test week, included 500m sprints. I’m now faster and more confident at 1:49 splits!
Amanda Worpie
Crossfit Waalfront
I started rowing once a week and ended up doing a half marathon. That shows how fun rowing with Brock is! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to technique and training schedueles. But also extremely friendly, motivating, and positive. He makes rowing fun. Your technique will improve which makes rowing more comfortable and thus FUN!
Simone Mercx
Crossfit Waalfront

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